Word Of Mouth Boutique

We help organizations seeking top-level talent for senior roles to achieve their strategic goals and drive business success through exceptional leadership and coaching.

A little about us.

Our team consists of senior executive search professionals with years of collective experience across several competitive industries.

We are entrepreneurs, former CEOs, executives, global sales and finance experts, coaching and human relations experts. We employ a diverse group of experts, each with global experience in talent acquisition and professional development to best guide all of our clients and candidates.

We have a passion for what we do. We bring out the best in the executives we work with, because we know success is built on synergy. Synergy comes from the dynamic match between the right talent and the right position.

When you succeed, we succeed.
We want to be your trusted partner in success.

It’s in our DNA:

Process = Productive

We value productivity highly – you can do a lot with a little. Because of this, we employ a process-oriented methodology in all areas of the business where shortcuts never prosper.

People Hold Power

Quite simply, we like, care and respect people. Coupled with our firm belief that every business can be enhanced through better people, we set out to achieve just that.

Credibility is Crucial

Credibility is as important as ability and we’re aware that our credibility is one of our biggest assets and why we place such importance on it internally.

Long-Term Takes Time

We build genuine, long-lasting partnerships with all, both internal and external, which take time to cultivate - built on transparency, respect & accountability.

Nothing Without Trust & integrity

We only partner with those we trust in fully and who reciprocate that trust in us, built on the high levels of integrity we employ internally and demonstrate externally.

Our Solutions.

Whether you’re running a family-owned business, a private equity invested portfolio company or a multinational company with offices globally, you need talent who is aligned with your governance and culture, and ready to be a force for performance in your organization.

This isn’t simple resume trading. Our goal is to find the strongest match.

Your business has an ecosystem.
Ideas. Vision. Talent.

The one thing these all have in common is they can change with industry trends and economic growth or decline.

That’s where our services come in.

Career Coaching

By providing a tailored approach, we strive to help you become a valuable asset for the market and a significant addition to any team. Tell us more about you so we can begin your transformative process.

Executive Search

When change is imminent or necessary, you need leaders who will execute your ideas and vision, yet who aren’t afraid to stand up for change and question the status quo: that’s where our candidates come in.


The word of business currently revolves around a candidate market. Find out what positions are currently available by our clients, and apply to be part of our search process.