Career Management.

In today’s highly dynamic and competitive world we believe that it is critical that every professional gain clarity and insight into their career journey, the areas in which they might need to gain additional knowledge and the steps that will be necessary to joyfully achieve their goals.

The WMB Approach.

WMB Partners counts on an experienced team of senior coaches and mentors who are key stakeholders for clients, carrying full responsibility for delivery and completion of services.

Our cross-cultural knowledge, business acumen, human resources background and experience enable us to aggregate differentiated value, maximizing performance during the executive’s development journey.

With our tailored approach, our goal is to deeply understand the needs and challenges, thus designing the best program to fit the development plan.

Our Solutions.

More importantly, we’re here.

Partnering with WMB gives the executive an opportunity to increase self-awareness, creating a favourable environment for change and development, while adapting to the ever-changing market and bringing value to the company.

Job Search:

We can help job seekers develop a unique personal brand that differentiates you in a crowded market, drafting your resume and helping you sharpen your interviewing skills, among other personalized initiatives.

Career Coaching:

If you’re bored or frustrated with your job but don’t know what other career(s) you could pursue. If you are feeling overwhelmed without knowing why. If you’re struggling to move on from a terrible past job, or you're not getting very far in the interview process. We can help you figure out what you want to do, understand what’s preventing you from advancing in your career, and endure the ups and downs of career transition.

Talent Assessment:

The use of talent assessment tools linked to developing and supporting succession decisions is critical to build a sustainable and exceptional talent pipeline.

With our assessment process, we can help our clients succeed with new hires, better understand the readiness of professionals for new challenges, as well as use these tools to improve team alignment and effectiveness.

Executive Coaching:

Developing executives is one of the single-most important aspects of a thriving and healthy organization. At WMB we believe that your talent is one of your business’s most important assets, and any investment in their growth can improve retention while increasing workplace productivity and creativity. Our tailored approach can help executives with performance issues, prepare leaders for a promotion or job rotation, among other things.


At WMB we believe that a mentor is someone who offers his/her knowledge and advice to someone less experienced, that can help executives speed up the process.

During our Mentoring program, we provide the executive with a safe space to learn, experiment and ask questions. We support the onboarding of new hires, as well as newly promoted executives to navigate their new challenges.

Why our clients love us.

Growth And Experience.

I saw myself with a fragmented back-story and many low points in career. By the end I was able to repurpose many of these perceived lows and understand how they are market-valued strengths from growth-and experience-building events.
Not to mention the clarity and cohesiveness of my professional timeline and how all that experience led to me being the differentiated professional that I now see.
Supply Chain Executive

Highly Professional.

The option of 2 coaches was really positive and ensure that whoever in the future is a Coach for WMB has a solid and senior professional and life background so that your clients can learn from your experience and feel engaged, as it happened with me with Marcela and Giano.
Commercial & Operations Executive

Highly Recommended.

At the beginning of our sessions, I was in the middle of a difficult time in my life and I needed some guidance and someone to help me focus.
After working with Giano and Marcela I feel that I have more clarity on who I am and things that I like or feel more comfortable doing. Definitely now I have more tools to analyze things and hopefully make better decisions about my life.
Managing Director


Soluta nobis est eligendi optio cumque nihil impedit quo minus id quod maxime placeat facere possimus.

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